Friday, 23 September 2011

Your school needs you...

So this year I thought I'd volunteer to get involved more with the school ptfa which is undergoing a much-needed overhaul. This is a poster I've designed to try and get parents involved (though it's very early days and everything has yet to be approved (and, in the usual way of these things, the politics are in full force)). Anyway, whether or not it sees the light of day, I quite like it and thought I'd pop it on here!


  1. Looks great, hope it helps, one of my son's is in year six and by then it is hard to get a single parent to make an appearance!! Good Luck

  2. Kath,
    If they don't use this I will personally come down and PROTEST! It's modern, slick and fun and they should know how lucky they are to have such a fab poster! x

  3. oooh I like this! I hope it helps the school....

    schools always seem so 'inside the box' , this poster breaks this. :)