Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I've been faffing around recently, what with back to school and doing some design stuff for PTFA, so there's nothing going on the drawing front. However, I have become a little obsessed by the hipstamatic app on the iphone and thought I'd share some of my recent pics.... 

St Pauls from Tate Modern

looking down from the cafe

 In our house 'Neo' is to an aeroplane what a choo choo is to a train. Neo spotting is a favourite pastime so I took this pic for Laurie, but also love the colours too

Bankside in the pouring rain

My little gap-toothed Harry Potter

Baby growing up so fast

Gilbert and the weird looking flower

They adore each other (in between the wind-ups)

My only fellow female in a male-dominated house


  1. Your house sounds just like mine!! We have just got ourselves a new kitten my only critera was that she was a girl as my entire family is male!