Monday, 29 August 2011


Apologies for scarcity of postings recently - summer holidays and all that.  Very few spare seconds, absolutely no illustration or design achieved but quite a few trips to the beach, legoland survival story, some post-riot fun in London,  several visits to our latest favourite cafe at the Staverton Bridge Nursery (you can see the choo choos and Sam has discovered a liking for loose-leaf tea) one barbeque on a glorious evening, and one barbeque in the pouring rain.

All that apart, I have also decided that I'm going to build myself a proper website and have been trawling through 'Dreamweaver for Dummies' attempting to work out how to go about it. A complete beginner, I now at least know what HTML and CSS stand for. There are many mind-numbing chapters ahead though... I thought I might document progress here. So far all I've done is very rough sketches of how I'd like my homepage to look. I was about to scan in these sketches when I carelessly left my sketchbook within reach of the crayola crowd and you might find it hard to see but basically I'd like my homepage to be a picture of me, sat on the sofa with a book, a cat and a cuppa with little icons that change shape as you hover over them indicating where to go for portfolio/blog/contact stuff etc...

What I'm interested in finding out is, can you add cut out images onto a webpage? So what I'd like to do is have some wallpaper as a background and, for example, put a phone on the coffee table which will sit over it and 'ring' when I hover over it. Is this beyond me? Impossible? I have no idea. I drift off every time I start reading the book.... here are some summer pics to make up for boringness...

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