Monday, 27 June 2011

Books we love (No.8) - Pip and Posy stories

Two lovely new books from Nosy Crow, illustrated by the fantastic Axel Scheffler. Appealing stories about the big events in in a toddler's life -  such as the difficulties of sharing a scooter, how sometimes accidents happen, and how friends look after each other.  The text is beautifully simple with just the right smattering of 'Oh no!'s and 'Oh dear!'s and 'Hooray!''s to join in with, and the illustrations are good enough to eat. For Laurie, who's nearly two now (where did that time go?), theres a perfect balance between a simple story which is easy to follow and pictures with plenty going on so he can point out lots of things.  BTW If this sounds a bit more 'reviewy' than normal, that's because I'm going to put this up on Amazon too, and thought I'd write it only once as I really should be getting on with my Peppa Pig and Little Kingdom books... procrastinating as usual!

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  1. What a cute photo!! Will look out for these books - they look great!