Friday, 11 March 2011

Phew and vroom vroom

After a few busy weeks I've finished the BeastQuest annual I was designing for Orchard. Just in time, I think - I was on the verge of dreaming about beasts and wizards and swords and dragons. I also managed to squeeze in a 24 page Peppa Pig storybook last week which I was quite chuffed about. It always happens like buses... no work for ages and then a week of working til the matches propping my eyelids open pop out. But it also means I haven't done any more of my own stuff for ages, and I'm itching to get cracking on another book thats brewing away in the background.

So no scribbles to post but I thought I'd show you a photo-montagy thing I've just started for Laurie. Can't quite decide whether it is pretentious or inspired, but I think he'll like it anyway. I've been noticing recently that he often leaves little formations of his beloved cars around the house. Just like a cartoon I'm always tripping over them. So I thought that I'd start to photograph them as I find them and build a big picture full of little cars in funny places. Tempted as I've been to cheat a little, I'm sticking to the ones I find, and I'm not going to pose any. Does that make it proper art?? Here's the first four:

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