Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Lovely Tilda

Check out my lovely friend Jane's blog, featuring her silk screen printed Tilda doll. She reminds me of a clothkits doll I had from my baby days, called Alice. Every night my mum would sing me a song about her:

 'Alice, was very slender, Alice, was very slim.
Alice, went to the bathroom, filled the bathtub and jumped right in.
Someone, was absent minded, pulled the plug out before she was through. 
Oh pussyfootjohnson save my soul, there goes Alice down the hole. 
Alice, where art thou roaming?'

Anyone know where that song comes from?
Anyway, now I've thought of her I'm going to have to head up to the loft to find her. When I do, I'll post a pic. In the meantime, check out Jane's website. I'm a huge fan of her screenprints.


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