Friday, 25 February 2011

stuffed and spoiled

Look at these amazing cupcakes! My auntie Pru baked them for my birthday yesterday. I keep telling her she should bake professionally. I was showered with treats, starting with Shaun's last minute panic-buy where he went a bit crazy and bought me a lovely ipad! Brunch at Alfrescos in Dartmouth, tea and cupcakes in the afternoon and a truly scrumptious meal at the Riverford Field Kitchen. Very spoilt!

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Procrastination of beastquesting...

I'm currently working on a Beastquest annual for Orchard which has been soaking up all my time. I'm at the stage where tonight I'll be dreaming of dragons and swords, but I'm also getting totally distracted by ideas which keep on popping into my head for several books that exist in my head or only partially on paper. One of these is Mog and Coyote in New York, which I started when we were living in NY and which has lived on a constant back-burner since we returned to England. Here's an picture of Coyote, freshly arrived in the city, head hanging out of a Taxi, driving through Time Square...

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Books we love (No.4) - Cars, Trucks and Things That Go!

This book has had hours (by both boys) spent pouring over it. It has been a life saver (appropriately) on trains, buses and airoplanes. I think the toothpaste car is my personal favourite...

Friday, 11 February 2011

art and mabel

I've just bought a very cute valentine's card (don't worry, Shaun never reads my blog so it won't ruin the surprise) from my schoolgate friend who's recently set up a lovely shop on folksy called art and mabel. Check it out here:

I'm especially keen on this very gorgeous cat cushion!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

life's rich tapestry...

The rejections for Cat, I Can Say That! have started to trickle in but I am not despairing... obviously with each one comes a little twinge of disappointment (though I'm not sure how easily I could work with someone who describes herself as not 'connecting' with my work anyway!) but I have braced myself for many rejections. My very first job after university was working part time for a literary agent which left me with a healthy perspective on how many people think and hope they can get themselves in print, compared with how many actually do. 

What I have found cheering, however, is comments from the parents of babies and toddlers I have given copies to. Most have said that their baby has thoroughly enjoyed pointing, chatting and chewing on Gilbert the cat. I've also received some very useful constructive criticism about the pages that were often flicked over and I've quite a few changes planned when I can get the time together (most hours not spent chasing the two boys are engaged on some real payed work and I'm submerged in a Beastquest annual at the moment).

Another cheering story is the recent broadcasting of Rastamouse, as seen on cbeebies this week! The illustrator of the original book is a friend of my friend Jane Cabrera , and apparently this book was rejected by all the mainstream publishers so the author and illustrator ended up self-publishing and self-promoting. The book got great reviews and now it's on Cbeebies! There you go!

And on another high note,  I went to see my friend Amy Chudley's debut exhibition this afternoon at Birdwood House, Totnes.  Lovely portraits and big bold flowers. If you are in the vicinity this week, check it out!

I'll leave you with a couple of pics of the original Gilbert, the cat behind the book, just because he's lovely!