Monday, 3 January 2011


Here is my blog! I'm feeling some first time blogging nerves, so do be kind and read my dribbles but, friends, please shout if I drift into boringness or pretentiousness as I do have a tendency to witter on.

So, it all started a couple of months ago when I went to a Devon Open Studios event. Jane Cabrera, the brilliant children's book author and illustrator (, gave a talk about how to write and illustrate children's books. I've worked on and off as a children's book designer for years (my other job is slave to two small boys), but have never worked on my 'own' book despite squirrelling away ideas and ambitions. Anyway, the talk inspired me so I got to work in my spare minutes... and more on that later. However, something she also recommended was starting a blog, especially useful if you don't have a website to showcase your work. So here I am! In the process I've looked around and realised that there are so many very talented people with really good websites and blogs so I'll be linking up to them as well as shouting about lots of my favourite children's books too.

And to start off, here are some pages from my first book. The idea for this comes from Laurie, my one year old, who loves to look at books and point things out but rarely waits for the accompanying words. I realised that from his point of view they are just black scribbles getting in the way of the pictures. So I've told a story with just the pictures. It's not a new idea, but it does contain all the things he loves to say.
It's a mixture of pencil drawings, photographs and linoprints (which is how I created the wallpapers). Comments gratefully received - it's not been sent off yet so all constructive criticism is good. 

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  1. Please can I buy one?
    Am really pleased you're now doing a blog!